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The Elisabetta Franchi line is a reflection of the woman who designed it. Ms. Franchi understands the importance of the simple delights of home and family. This designer has devoted herself to developing her business since her teens and has built her brand from the ground up. She appreciates the finer things, as she demonstrates through the attention to detail on each Elisabetta Franchi dress and the Elisabetta Franchi bags in her collection.

The line includes everything from tops to trousers. Shirts may feature feminine ruffles and a one-shoulder look with a long sleeve in crisp cotton blends. Look for details like bows, buttons and ruffles to appear on skirts, tops and trousers in creative ways. Ms. Franchi never goes over the top or makes her details seem like "too much." An Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit has the same sense of style as this designer's dresses or the fashions from her Elisabetta Franchi Celyn B collection. The line also includes casual wear, and you can find stylish T-shirts, shorts and running shoes to suit your style. Elisabetta Franchi jeans are the perfect choice to wear for a day of shopping, sightseeing or on your next weekend getaway. These jeans can also be dressed up with a jacket and blouse for a casual lunch. Don't forget to add one of the stunning belts on offer, along with a classic handbag. These items truly finish off your look and along with everything else from Ms. Franchi, they were designed to perfectly compliment the clothing line. This clothing line understands that you don't need to scream, "Look at me!" to make a statement.

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