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Hasbro Monopoly Electronic Banking 377121030 377121030 Board games and playing cards

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Since 1935 synonymous with canned game, Monopoly is the most famous bargaining game in the world, and in every game you can take from 2 to 6 players. The aim of the game is becoming monopolist, which remain the last "financier" in the game after all others have made bankrupt. At their turn, each player throws the dice and ventures on the Board, including the purchase of land, railway stations or companies; the payment of rents and construction of houses and hotels; the surprises represented by cards of contingencies and probabilities; and the reassuring wage withdrawal whenever – completed a lap – switching from away! The big news of Banking is in practice and cutting-edge electronic banking technology: a computerized device that allows you to do without traditional notes to regulate all transactions (payments, rents, fines, receipts, etc) thanks to credit cards with built-in chips supplied! When a player does not have enough money or property to pay rent or honor a debt, goes bankrupt and leaves the game. Who is able to administer to their finances, balancing a wise investment cash available to deal with any situation, wins the game. Earn millions at the palate with the revolutionary version of MONOPOLY BANKING with the most advanced technology!

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