Hasbro Spiderman launches Web with A2945E240 glove Hasbro | Futurar...

Hasbro Spiderman launches Web with A2945E240 glove A2945E240 Hasbro- Futurartshop.com

Hasbro Spiderman launches Web with A2945E240 glove


Hasbro Spiderman launches Web with A2945E240 glove A2945E240 Children Playset

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Spider-Man is the masked hero you've always wanted to play, to help the weak against bullies and thwart the most dangerous and destructive projects at the expense of humanity ... To experience each adventure to his side and try the genuine emotions of the battle with the wicked, this terrific shoot-cobwebs "2-in-1" allows you to launch "cobwebs" or water with a faithful reproduction of the Spider-Man glove, just like your favorite Super-Hero when fires in the middle of the action, swinging between a building and the other! The shoot-webs, for children from 5 years and up, comes with a jar of fluid to produce special webs.

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