Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) Hasbro | Futur...

Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) 521941480 Hasbro- Futurartshop.com
Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) 521941480 Hasbro- Futurartshop.com
Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) 521941480 Hasbro- Futurartshop.com
Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) 521941480 Hasbro- Futurartshop.com

Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch)

Hasbro Fur Real Friends Baby 52194148 (Butterscotch) 521941480 Peluche

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The Furreal Friends are cute, soft Petting puppies, from expressive movements nose similar to real ones, which respond to the attentions of their mistresses and just waiting to rejoin their small friends for endless hours of fun and tenderness. Intended for children from 4 years up, every pet Furreal Friends range is equipped with the most advanced technologies to make it sensitive to touch and sound, make it react to stimuli and pose as a real puppy.Baby Butterscotch is a sweet and docile Filly by dappled coat shiny, irresistible blue eyes and a gorgeous mane to be comb.

This adorable puppy loving all the care expected of her protectress, and send you into Ecstasy giving you the unique experience to own, grow and care for a real puledrina: thanks to some special sensors on the side of the nose, head and body, Baby Butterscotch understands immediately when his protectress is going to come close, and if only you will immediately begin to caress the eye moveto turn heads, to move the ears and to issue all the sounds of horses to let you know how happy. Baby Butterscotch also recognizes your voice: when the call starts neighing to help you find it soon (when you are friends, you don't have to wait!) and say good-bye, and if you respond with nods, gestures of the ears and smiles. You'll see what a surprise when you sneak in your arms!

When you put yourself in front of her, Baby Butterscotch gives all his love giving you gentle basins by moving the head back and forth. In this package you will also find the special brush to comb and Polish the long and candid mane and the mantle – because it is the most beautiful filly of all exhibitions which will go with – and a tasty carrot for a nice snack: soon you'll find that a pony more real than she had never seen before, because when he Chews and crunches his little prize makes real sounds. The brush has been designed to enhance her beauty and pleasure of getting bella: win the first prize in beauty pageants in which it participates is one of his dreams, and now thanks to you will become reality!
Its legs fold because Baby Butterscotch can unwind and relax near you with the utmost comfort. If the day was full of commitments – between walks, meetings with friends and parades at horse shows – the puledrina can even fall asleep, starting to snore lightly and so irresistible: within seconds the you in your arms for sexy lingeries and give her dreams.
And the next morning, Baby Butterscotch will still be beside you, ready to live new experiences and adventures by giving you new emotions and discoveries!

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